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Welcome to Verboten Trans-Sentience!

Don’t let the name scare you. I know I’m mixing languages here with the title, but it was the best way to explain this strange land. People and cultures have begun to regress, but technology keeps expanding.

The world is neither new, nor ancient… It’s living.

This is the height of many cultures. Older ones are on the down turn while many hopefuls are just getting their start. Will the Treiber get to see its centennial? Will the Ross celebrate it’s third millennium? Only time in this strange world will show the way.

Forests are disappearing, but they aren’t going without a fight!

As the technology of the day begins to transform into the far more abundant wood as metal has become more and more precious, the trees are being cut down by the millions. No matter how backwards the people, they all know that they can only live their lives because of the technology they have available. The planet is feeling a potential death knell that no one else can perceive. So, it’s creating warriors that can, and they know what they need to do to fix it.

It all begins here.

Welcome to the Peripéteia Kai To Mystírio (Native: Περιπέτεια και το μυστήριο.) What will you be ordering today?

Main Page

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