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Session Zero: I hate rats
Before it all begins.

“What’ll you be having?”

The adventurers arrive in the Περιπέτεια και το μυστήριο (Peripéteia Kai To Mystírio.) This is the biggest dive bar in town. Drinks are cheap and the deathtoll from alcohol poisoning is high. Or, at least poisoned from drinking the alcohol. If you’re looking for a place to be, and not be found, this is it. You are more likely to leave here in a body bag than on your own two feet.

People of notice, within and without.

The pale, sweaty girl who is involved in a minor brawl.
The half-naked, twitchy old man who is accompanied by several servants.
The overweight, relaxed girl who is chasing a small child.
The copper-skinned, exuberant young man who is carrying a musical instrument.
The flamboyant, exhausted young woman who is accompanied by several servants.
The attractive, bored woman who keeps tripping over things.
The very short, serious young woman who is sitting on the ground.
The expensively dressed, worried woman who is holding a drawn sword.
The slightly plump, annoyed young man who is carrying a musical instrument.
The apparently foreign, grouchy old man who is riding in a carriage.
The tattooed, arrogant woman who is being chased by a guard.
The sandy-haired, wide-eyed old man who is accompanied by several servants.
The ugly, suave young man who is very concerned about his personal space.
The freckled, indecisive young woman who is riding a mule.
The well-muscled, obnoxious man who is accompanied by a servant.

“Wait… You’re all experienced fighters!?”

“Then boy, does Alena have a job for you!” The adventurers might have noticed an attractive woman walking about. She seems to have something rather tedious on her mind, either that or she’s extremely clumsy and she’s not the most graceful person on two feet. Her name is Alena Nox. She’s the owner. The bartender brings to her attention that a small group with weapons appear to be willing to do just about anything for money to establish themselves as heroes within this land.

“If that’s the case, I have a job for you if you are interested.” Alena is really laying it on thick. With big doe eyes and pouty lips, using whatever of her feminine wiles that might be working in her favor. “I have a pest problem in the cellar. Will you all be dears and take care of it for me? I’ll reward you well, and you can keep anything that isn’t inventory that you might find down there.”

“Will you take the job?”

You will descend down into the basement. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, the trapdoor is slammed shut and locked. “This is only as a precaution.” Alena yells from above. “You will find a stack of maps at the bottom of the stairwell. I’m sorry, I had to trick you. The ‘cellar’ is quite massive and the ‘pests’ are quite dangerous. You should do well against them.”


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